Sample Communications  Deliverables

Your message. Your voice.

Your brand.

Creatively designed.

Digitally delivered.

Web sites

Full sites, landing pages, and content.

Site usability, navigation, and graphics upgrades. Web content management software flexibility.

(Visit sites: #1, #2, #3)


Fresh content crafted into your branding. Professional, compelling, succinct.

In ready-to-deploy form.

(Download Samples: #1,  #2, #3)

Opera web site
Safe Harbor web site
Onward Mental Health web site


Created from scratch or graphic/text upgrades of existing content. We work with your content experts and evolve until complete.

(Download: Mental Health, HighTech#1HighTech#2)

Blog Posts

Blog content in your voice. One-time or in a themed series. 

(See Samples: #1#2, #3)



Conceptual design, chapter writing,

full ghost writing, editing, eBook delivery.

(Download chapter. See full book.)

We quickly turn your ideas into premiere gated content for high volume landing pages. Market analyses, white papers, competitive briefs & more.

(Download samples: #1, #2 #3, #4)

CiR 2019 Front Cover 3D Web Res.gif


Conceptual design, content research, and graphic creation. Using your brand design or creating afresh.

See full mental health infographic portfolio.

Research Summaries

Translates and demystifies medical, technical, and scientific detail for an executive or lay audience.

Up-levels major themes. Paints a compelling story.

(Download samples: #1, #2#3)


Periodic constituency updates with news & events. Keep connected. Thematic or chronologically based.

(Download samples: #1#2)

Digital Strategy

Strategies and execution for content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, landing page optimization, content marketing, and more. 

Integrated Planning

Strategic and tactical communications planning to gain internal alignment, justify budget, and guide execution. Also establishes metrics to achieve organizational objectives.

Plus other creative services...

Packaging Design

Inspiring graphics that promote your brand, customized to fit your particular application.

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