Social Media

Turbo-charging Your Strategy

With two billion users, Facebook is the most important social platform for many businesses. Ads can be hyper-targeted for solid ROI. Are you ready for the demise of Facebook organic search and the shift to pay-to-play?

72% of people in North America are on Facebook.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network with over 800 million users. Engage specific audiences with intelligent hashtag targeting. Are you leveraging the short-life-span Instagram Stories?

71% of US businesses use Instagram.

Video is the preferred social medium and Youtube is video. People want to watch more and read less. Video adds life to your message. What new videos are needed to give you a killer Youtube presence?

90% of consumers say video helps their purchase decision

Social Media is going visual, and that is Pinterest's sweetspot. It is an incredible tool to drive traffic to your most important landing pages. Are you creating and posting interesting infographics that invite people to pin your brand?

A pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet.

LinkedIn is a business platform with 500M+ users and easily-mined data for laser-focused B2B advertising. Are you using their Website Demographics to identify the people visiting your site today?

41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. A great place to find decision makers. 

Twitter is fast-paced, highlighting what you think is important right now. Done well, it demonstrates engaged and dynamic thought leadership. Are you optimizing Twitter use to showcase your brand personality?

80% of Twitter users are on a mobile device.

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